Hi to all my readers. I know this is very late, but here’s wishing everyone a happy new year and good health to all!

2017 has been a good year to me. Though some of the challenges I’ve faced made me doubt myself, I somehow managed to pull through and learn from the experience.

Career-wise, I am thankful for the bump (in my industry, at least) to my salary. At the rate I am going, while keeping my fingers crossed, I will be hitting $100k net worth before the end of 2018 (excluding CPF and emergency fund). When I first started reading personal finance and investment blogs around January 2015, I remember coming across one of Budget Babe’s post on saving more than $100k before 30.

It awakened me to the possibility. However, I would not have envisioned myself to achieve just that. Social science researchers with an undergraduate degree are at the …