How important would you take dividends into consideration when buying a stock? Personally, I take dividends quite seriously, and it is one of the key criteria before I decide to make a transaction. If I come across a stock that doesn’t give dividends, I will most likely skip to the next stock – unless the stock has a very good reason for not giving dividends.

There is even a term for investors who highly emphasize on high yield dividend stocks, and they are called income investors! A fellow blogger and my good friend, Warriortan, gets a significant amount of passive income from this method and blogs about how you can do the same.

My personal portfolio also has an average dividend yield of 4.22% to 4.87% as it consists of REITs (average 6-7% distribution yield) and other relatively decent yields (Keong Hong, Tat Seng Packaging and ComfortDelgro dividend yields are