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Life is so simple, but why is it so complicated?
By Early Retirement SG  •  February 20, 2018
As I sit down and start typing after the long break... I was overseas before CNY, and then after CNY I didn't post anything... So I was thinking... what's up for this year??? Now that CNY is over. And I thought... well, same as how it's always been. My relationship with my wife is very good. We are both generally happy, we get frustrated with each other at times, but nothing really serious. My wife goes to work on weekdays. I get free food and cook, and get other miscellaneous stuff if/when necessary, do the household administration, chores, make sure the bills are monitored and payed, etc etc. Weekends we visit our parents, and Sunday is a rest day to do whatever we want, which is usually going out to eat breakfast and lunch then coming back home to rest for the rest of the day. Every once in a while we go overseas for holidays or ......
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By Early Retirement SG
Male, born in 1982. Graduated with a degree majoring in Banking & Finance, Financial Adviser for a period of time resulting in in-depth knowledge of insurance products and marketing techniques of the industry ...

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