The top degree programmes are yet again in business, law, medicine, and computing.

In the top 10 of our latest Graduate Employment Survey ranking, Business and Econs clinched 5 spots (up from 3 last year), Law 2 spots, Computing 2 spots, and one spot each for Medicine and Science (Yale-NUS). There is a double degree, hence a total of 11 spots.

Contrary to what mainstream media reported, we think computing/IT had a lacklustre performance this time compared to previousyears.

In terms of employability, Music, Sport Science & Management, Applied Science, and Arts ranked at the bottom, along with Chemistry & Biological Chemistry — which is quite surprising given that the life sciences boom wasn’t too long ago and that there was some talk recently about a rejuvenation of the field.

In total, 113 degree programmes were ranked this year.

Data used in this article are based on the …