Dear readers, yesterday morning before Singapore stocks markets opened, I shared with readers how Creative Technology stock has multiplied 830% from the start of year 2018 to 6 Mar 2018, bringing Mr Sim Wong Hoo’s net worth from just his ownership in Creative Technology alone to $193.14m. The recent rally of Creative Technology stock price, bolstered by Creative’s new sound products seems to suggest that Mr Sim Wong Hoo, once Singapore youngest billionaire at age 45 could be on the track for even bigger achievements!
Yesterday, Creative Technology stock slumped to an intra-day low of $6.65 before closing the trading day at $7.08, down by almost 14.7%. And effectively this means Mr Sim Wong Hoo experienced a paper loss of $28.3 million in just one day.

The richest people often have their net worth tied to their shareholdings in the companies they lead. This explains …