Why the need to impose co-payment?
It was 100% full riders coverage previously and I have blogged about the different prices of different insurance companies. However, premiums have increased by up to 80% due to a small group of people abusing the system, so the rest of us have to pay for higher premiums unfairly.

What do you mean by abusing the system?
When you are fully covered, people will be more keen to do many more check ups, tests or examinations that may be unnecessary. That means higher charges to the insurance companies. The insurance companies will in turn charge everyone the same amount, which means we will have to keep paying higher premiums every year.

But the insurance companies still profit right?
All 6 insurance companies suffered losses for  Integrated Shield Plans (IP) last year. That is also why premiums for 100% coverage full riders went up by more than 200% last …