I swear I did not time this article. LOL.

Barely 6 weeks past the previous armageddon scenario with VIX going ballistic, it seems like everything’s beginning to repeat itself. In the previous post (The Big Short: TTI’s Version. But Where Are My Millions?!), I wrote about my personal experience. Since then, I’ve spent the past several weeks understanding volatility and its derivatives more. This is an add-on to the previous post, and hopefully, a dissection of my new insights.

There hasn’t been any new updates here for a while, as I’ve been bustling around. As mentioned in my earlier posts, I’ve been keeping high levels of cash. The last outing (deploying of cash) bore some fruits, but not as much as The (Real) Big Short. I’m hoping to nett some durians next week. Durians are cheap now, both literally and figuratively, aren’t they?

I’ve also finally divested away …