I realized I have not done a proper review of my US Dividend Growth Portfolio in a blog post before, so here’s one blog post to address that lack.

The underlying idea for my US Dividend Growth Portfolio is that it is difficult to find dividend growth stocks in Singapore. I’ll have to make a qualifier here before proceeding further. My understanding of the term “dividend growth” entails that the dividends distributed by a given firm increases year-on-year much like clockwork, over decades, and is supported by genuine growth in the underlying business.

Currently, I have the following “dividend growth stocks” in said portfolio (ordered by decreasing position size):

– Welltower
– General Mills
– Hormel Foods
– JM Smucker
– Kimberly Clark
– Abbott Laboratories

The breakdown for each counter, in percentage terms, is as follow. The numbers do not add up to 100% as I rounded the decimals to a whole number.

In my Q1 2018 Portfolio Update,