Firstly, let me welcome 6 new subscribers to this blog. I appreciate your support and interest.

Secondly, I must admit I have neglected this blog for the past one month. Work and family life have been hectic and have taken priority. The activities are actually still very intense. So this will be a short post.

Since 2017, I have actively tracking dividend returns and using it to refine the approach to shape my investment choices. You may have seen the my earlier Q1 post on dividend return which showed that I remained on track to meet my target yield of 5% per annum as on 31 Mar 2018

As of today, with many local companies already ex-div and Q2 being a traditionally “dividend distribution heavy” quarter, I am glad that my dividend yield year-to-date has outperformed the expected yield of 2.5% (50% of 5.0%).

Q1 yield received was 1.2% …