Technically not Q1, since we are already almost halfway through 2018. But because of… you know, priorities, I decided to wait for 2 more months before I did a review of my cash flow.

Hey wait, should I call this a trimester update instead of a quarterly one then? :p #randomthoughts

As you might already know, in annual reports, there is a place where the cash flow statement is at. It basically, well… shows how cash flows in a business or company. I mean, it is pretty self explanatory, isn’t it?

If cash is managed properly in a business, then it can also multiply effectively. FCF FTW!

Of course, this can also be applied to your personal finances.

I’ve calculated my 2017 Cash Flow Statement and mentioned how I save 50% of my take-home pay on average.

I’m happy to know that I’ve managed to continue maintaining the same savings …