6.Posb invest saver

Regular saving plan updates for ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund(A35)

For my regular saving updates for the month of May 2018 was written last week, see my last week post here

As of now (23 MAY 2018), I am currently holding 1641 unit/shares. This week has been a pretty normal week for A35 with it hanging around the range of 1.11 to 1.12

Honestly, I regretted a little for having missed the boat at last Friday where A35 was hanging around at 1.108 but nevertheless will still continue to wait out and see before putting in a lump sum Regular saving plan updates for Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF(G3B) As I have just started a new regular saving plan for STI ETF via posb just this month, I am currently holding only 27 units so far. As to why I started a new regular saving plan, it was because I found myself monitoring the share …