With 3 in 4 Singaporeans covered not only by MediShield Life but also by supplemental insurance, it may be hard to imagine that there are still lapses in your medical coverage. However, there are a few major exclusions in your Integrated Shield Plan that may lead to you paying thousands of dollars out of pocket if you are not careful. Below, we discuss the top 5 most surprising things your Integrated Shield Plan (ISP) doesn’t cover.

Dental Treatment or Surgery

While dental treatment is covered if it is due to an accident, it is highly unlikely that your root canal or wisdom tooth removal will be covered under your ISP plan. The average root canal cost in Singapore is S$606 per tooth, getting quite pricey for those who need multiple root canals. Braces and crown implants are even more expensive, both costing an average of just under S$4,500. However …