For the last few years, “sustainability” and “environment friendly” have been some of the hottest buzzwords around the world. Still, many people may still feel some wariness towards “going green” due to the fact that it may cost more and could be less convenient than what people are used to. But, what if green lifestyle could actually be more economical than non-green one? If this were true, consumers actually could help reduce the society’s carbon footprint while also saving money for themselves. In fact, our analysis shows that energy efficient appliances actually are cheaper than regular appliances over the long run.

How Much Do “Green” Appliances Actually Cost?

When comparing the upfront purchase price of appliances, it may seem that energy efficient ones are indeed more expensive than their more energy-intensive counterparts. For example, 5 tick air conditioners cost about S$600 (or 19%) more expensive than 2 tick air