Transactions made in Jun 2018:
– Bought 4,500 units of First Reit at $1.33
– Bought 1,000 units of SingTel at $3.10
– Bought 1,800 units of Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust at $0.967 (via rights issue) – Bought 156 units of Raffles Medical at $0.99 (via scrip dividends)

The threat of a full blown global trade war has impacted the STI. No one knows for sure whether the trade war will happen and whether this will eventually lead to a bear market.  In addition, the interest rate hikes seems to be having some impact on shares and even reits. The cost of borrowing by businesses will increase, affecting profit. Also, investors will demand a higher yield for investing in business as interest rates go up since they can easily park their money else where. This will eventually cause the price of the stock to decrease till the desired yield figure. Since I do …