Depending on which consumer camp you belong to, the phrase “second-hand” usually evokes one of two sentiments: a great opportunity to save some money, or…mild disgust and scepticism at the prospect of using items that have been worn, handled, touched and groped by past owners.

However, buying second-hand is better for the environment and, of course, can save you a ton of money. If you’re worried about the hygiene aspect of buying second-hand, or if used items won’t be as reliable as new ones, here’s good news: many items are easy to sanitise to remove unsatisfactory signs of past usage, and it’s possible to find hardly-used or well-kept items that can last you for years.

The trick to buying second-hand is knowing which items are worth the trouble. Here are 8 times you should consider going the second-hand route:

1. Electronics

Buying second-hand tech is tricky, as it’s hard to …