The second half of the year has started and it looks like things are becoming less bleak in the stock market. Through much volatility in the past few months, Mr. Market (a.k.a STI) has recovered slightly back to where he had started from the beginning of 2018, with its time-weighted return coming up at -0.33%, and an actual decrease of 0.94% (From 3489.45 to 3281.36).

My portfolio is not too far away, though I was expecting to do better than the STI. It now has -4.74% in terms of time-weighted return. XIRR is at -8.33% omigosh. (Dated 1st July… I think.)

On the bright side, I still have a positive P&L from my investments last year.

Monthly dividends wise, due to a recent added position in Valuetronics, I have managed to bump up this year’s collected dividends to $2,069.05 by the end of July (based on Ex-Dates). Considering that …