It’s 1.30pm and you’re just stepping out of the office for lunch. You’re slightly annoyed at yourself for scheduling a 12pm meeting. In the last 20 minutes, you had to clear your throat every 5 minutes to mask the increasingly audible noises coming from your stomach.

You normally have lunch at your usual fish soup place that’s a 10-minute walk away. But today, you notice a new fish soup stall which has just opened right next to your office building, and it’s way cheaper than your usual place.

However, you have no idea if this new stall is any good. It isn’t very crowded, there are no reviews, and the quality of your lunch is REALLY important to you.

 What would you do?

Pascal’s Wager

This lunch conundrum reminds me of a classical philosophical problem known as Pascal’s Wager, argued by Blaise Pascal – a French philosopher …