Introducing the Moat Scorecard – Buy a wonderful company at a fair price. Competitive Advantages of over 600+ SGX-listed companies derived systematically through a scorecard system and see how they rank.

We’re excited to have a new launch, a system created by veteran financial bloggers @TUBInvesting & @Simpleinvestorsg here → 

Moats refers to a business’ ability to maintain its competitive advantages over its competitors in order to protect its long-term profits and market share. It is generally a qualitative term and it is hard to assign a number/ratio to determine a company’s moat.

The Moat Scorecard is a report that measure a business’ moat in terms of strength, durability and trend. In addition, it compares the score with companies in the same industry, and provides an analysis of the company’s fundamentals. These includes balance sheet strength, share dilution and financial strength. There is also a handy guide for price analysis using various methodology, with