Bumper dividends continued in August, and I received $2,537.50 in total dividends . I watched an interesting insights from a research analyst who warned about financial engineering done by companies. Through share buy back, companies gave false impression of increasing profitability and paid more dividends. All this made possible due to “cheap” loans by central banks globally inflating their balance sheet.

Closer to home, it reminded me of Starhub who took loan to pay dividends. Recently they announced a new CEO. However even if he changed the company strategy, the result would not be immediate.I grew uncomfortable with companies with high level of debt. These companies will be the one prone to cashflow crunch with interest rate expected to continue to raise.

Total portfolio increased to $680,070.09, with $4,000 fresh fund contribution. Return YTD was 0.75%, XIRR YTD was 1.16%, and XIRR since inception was 5….