Posted on September 12th 2018



critical illness



Critical illness plan is a form of insurance that provides a lump sum payout whenever you’re diagnosed with one of the 37 critical illnesses, defined by the Life Insurance Association of Singapore. The lump sum is to help the person during the recovery period, when he/she cannot work. In our previous article, we discussed the differences between single-pay and multi-pay critical illness plans. One plan that we mentioned in the article was the Aviva MultiPay Plan III. Where is Aviva MultiPay Plan I and II? That’s a question that we’re unable to answer. However, we can answer something else instead. In this article, fundMyLife reviews the Aviva MultiPay Plan III and explores their features. Note: this information is accurate as of September 2018.

What is it?

Aviva MultiPay Plan III, as its name suggests, is a critical