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Nothing beats the feeling of TGIF and Saturday night.

For some Singaporeans, Friday and Saturday nights are more predictable where they catch up with sleep and spend time with their family.

For a percentage of us, not so.


We will be doing shots and drinking at the bars, trying to get our friends drunk on their birthday. Fun times!

TL;DR- The Cheapest Alcohol Delivery in Singapore

Alcohol delivery companies in Singapore, who is the cheapest of them all?

Types of Alcohol Alcohol Delivery Alcohaul Paneco Asher Liquor Bar Chivas Regal 12 years $77.50
(700ml) $56.40
(750ml) $77.88
(1L) $57
(750ml) $69
(750ml) Patron Silver $156
(750ml) $79.80
(750ml) $93.80
(750ml) $81