“Look at the stock markets (China & US) and you can see who win the trade war”

That one common sentence that appeared be it from US President, Analysts, Economists or even common people from Singapore.  Frankly speaking, no one win in a trade war when global economy is linked from one country to another.  Never believe in those word so decided to look at stock market for both China and US from Elliott Wave perspective in Supercycle degree.  After all, the trend (be it up or down) in a Supercycle takes multi-decades to establish and not just a trade war which happened just early this year could change the shape of it.

The above is the S&P500 chart taken from Yahoo Finance and it ranges from 1950 till present.  The period from 1950 till 2000 is Supercycle degree Wave ((1)).  From 2000 to 2009 …