Read? Two Years After Retiring From Full Time Monthly Salary As Employee

Two years has passed. Uncle8888 didn’t retire from his full-time job as employee to become Spider-man doing Great!

In the morning; he gets out of his bed based on level of laziness and the level of sunlight shining through the window which has no curtain! Less washing for Auntie8888. :-)

In the day, he spent most of his time as Butterfly viewing different landscapes, green, flora and mini garden across the land of Singapore.

In the evening; he changed to Moth who is attracted by lights and most of the time returning home even later than 2 years ago.

In MRT stations; he watched out for elders who seen to be lost and asked them if they need help.

In bus and trains; he watched out for strange behavior by commuters during off-peak period travel. Funny sights! …