I added BT PLC on Tuesday (read here) as I felt smart money was switching to defensive play to prepare for blood in the street. I wasn’t expecting the blood shedding to happen almost immediately on the next day. Dow lost around 800 points on Wednesday and 500 points on Thursday. Looking at the longer horizon, we need more sell off for value to emerge.

When market recovered slightly on Friday, I took the opportunity to sell some of my shares that were more “cyclical” or shares that I didn’t intend to hold for longer term:

  • 3000 shares of Sinopec Engineering @ HKD 8.05. I first bought it in August 2016 with average price of HKD 6.64. Both capital appreciation and total dividends received gave me a CAGR of 11.25%
  • 180 shares of BHP Billiton PLC @ GBP 15.844. It was a good ride for …