Cannot talk and laugh ah!PEM confinement review
That’s what my grandmother used to say to my mother while she was doing confinement. It’s like anything you do (breathe?) will allow ‘wind’ inside your body, resulting in chills and illnesses after confinement. Very strict practices for the last generation but thankfully, it is no longer this case.

Nowadays, we have confinement nannies who allow mothers to recuperate while they handle your newborn and they will cook nourishing confinement meals. Enter PEM confinement agency, the top choice in Singapore, judging from the amount of positive reviews online. I did not hire a confinement nanny for my first pregnancy and was also thinking of doing my own confinement for my second one. I mean, I should know what to do by now but the top worry for most parents would be how we can manage a newborn and a toddler at the same time.

What …