Good morning on this beautiful Sunday. With blue skies and a delectable cool breeze from the east; this is going to be a good day.

I trust all of you are well or as close to well as can be. I’m buzzing today actually, and I put this down to a couple of factors, which I’ll talk about today.

1. Cutting down on the beer

All my adult life, I’ve flirted with booze. Thankfully, I’ve stayed away – on the whole – from the harder stuff and stuck to mainly larger. That said our relationship has been long term and at times intense.

This started at a young age, for I come from a county (which will remain nameless) that prides itself on heroic consumption of alcohol. Thus, as a teenager, my friends and I would spend weekends in parks, up mountains, in forests and down beaches huddled together, sipping cans and enjoying nature.