It seems just like yesterday when I graduated from university.

The past decade has been a whirlwind – I’ve gotten married, moved into a new house and expanded my family to include 2 lovely daughters!
Before getting married, I would go on holidays and only save around 20% of my savings. As I did not have any dependants, I thought that I did not need to set aside an emergency fund.
Everything is not the same now.
I thought I was pretty thrifty but after paying for my wedding, honeymoon, downpayment for my house and home renovation, I was shocked at how fast my savings depleted. The realisation that my savings could barely cover the next phase of my life caught me completely unaware.
Not just that, I now have my kids’ futures to think about and that is the scary part. My savings have to increase, not just for my children’s education and future, but also my own …