Morning all you crazy cats. I trust life is treating you well.

Here we are on another Sunday morning. Time does fly by. I’ve been bashing out this blog now for 4 months and it feels good. Some people go shopping to lift their mood; others eat or puff on a cigarette. None of these work for me. Typing gives me time to order my thought in a linear fashion, while breathing deeply and pondering the mysteries of this strange planet.

This contemplative time is becoming ever more important in these crazy times as social media and instant messaging play a pugil bout with our attention. Never before in human history have we had so many options to alleviate boredom. Perhaps we’ve seen the end of boredom, only to see it replaced with a kind of semi-satisfied stare at a glaring screen.

We all know the face: it’s attentive, yet not 100%. Occasionally,