Transactions made in Nov 2018:
– Sold 4,500 units of First Reit at $0.945
– Bought 100 units of SIA at $9.25

– Bought 1,000 units of Keppel Corp at $6.11

I broke my no transaction streak by making what appears to be 2 very weird transactions.

Firstly, I cut loss on First Reit. I had attempted to cut loss at higher prices but both prices were not fulfilled. The reason why I cut loss was because of the liquidity issues Lippo Karawaci is facing. Lippo Karawaci is First Reit’s main income contributor. With this issue, the fundamentals of why I bought First Reit has changed and this is the main reason why I cut loss since the reason why I bought it no longer exists.

Is this the right decision? I really do not know. Only time will tell. Ironically, not too long after I cut loss, the price went up to slightly above $1, the price which I attempted to cut loss. But well, this is life. It never goes the way you thought it will pen out …