After Eric Tan’s grandmother passed, he frequently walked past the never-used medical bed that his family had scraped together funds in order to purchase for her. When he looked at the bed, he thought about this and other items that are very costly and often underused. This lead to his plans to found Sharent with his team in 2017. The Singaporean startup just released its app, which allows users to rent over 1,300 different products to other users. Sharent aims to promote a culture of sharing and sustainability.

When did you decide to found Sharent?

In October of 2017. I was 22 and I realised that many of us own too many assets that are wasted. I went deeper into what other problems are caused by our over consumption and decided that it was necessary to found Sharent.

What is Sharent’s mission?

Ultimately, we hope to create value for …