On 1 December 2018, the Heartland Family celebrated Liew Yan Olympia’s baby shower at the Resident’s Lounge of Ascott Orchard Singapore. It was truly a joyous occasion which quickly put to bed painful memories such as her recent hospitalisation for fever.

To better manage the crowd, Heartland Boy decided to split the full month celebration into 2 sessions. Lunch session was attended by immediate family members while dinner session was for friends and colleagues. This gave the nervous first-time parents more time to interact with guests. This also meant that almost every guest enjoyed some form of personal moments with Olympia as shown in these photos.

Truly a blessing to have four generations of Heartland Girl’s family in a photo

Grandpa sharing a light-hearted moment with her granddaughter

Olympia decides to make a funny face in front of her grand-uncle and grand-aunt

Olympia the star of the day

Relatives also …