With Singtel Ex-dividend today, Year 2018 dividend probably comes to a closure. Excluding CPF, Pension, SSB, US Markets, FD and Treasuries,  this year dividends totaled $46, 551. If we are to compute all the similar dividends received since tracking from Year 2005 is $272,207. For Year 2019, with minimum S$45K planned, we will exceed S$300K comfortably. Hitting S$50K annual is possible. The far stretched goal is $55K now. Keep in mind with then new higher $200k limit in SSB, I may have lesser cash injection for 2019.

The investment map did change from prior year for some quite significantly. Singtel allocation reduced more than 60% share who use to be my key holding. The reason being I feel need is to let the business play out first.

The other is Aimsamp Reit which is almost negligible now. I have been going in and out of this one. And seldom …