A year has flown by and there are still many comparisons on savings account with the highest interest rates. There is also the never-ending debate between the Cash-Back and Miles camp for credit card spending.

OCBC 360 Account is my primary savings account – salary, GIRO and bills. For credit card spending, I am using OCBC 365 for small purchases (< $500) and Citibank PremierMiles for big purchases (> $500). Rather than looking at hypothetical numbers, I am interested to find out my actual interest and cash back in 2018. The numbers may not be accurate as I am calculating it manually but it is sufficient for me.

OCBC 360 Account
Average Monthly Balance
Interest OCBC 365 Credit Card
Average Monthly Spending
Credit Card Cash Rebate
2018 $71,564.55 1.76% $868.12 2.30%

1.76% interest is a reasonable amount and is near to the realistic total as published in Seedly. Although OCBC may not be best in town, I find it troublesome to change my Salary, GIRO payment etc. Hence unless there is a drastic change, I will continue to stick with it. As for credit card spending, once I have fully redeemed my miles, I will switch to Standard Chartered Manhattan card for big purchases.

What savings account and credit card are you using? Feel free to share.