The start of the year always gets Heartland Boy in a pensive mood. It gets even more poignant now that he has a kid in tow. This has fuelled his belief that securing his own retirement could be one of the best gifts for his daughter in the future. That has inevitably become one of his new year resolutions. In order to do that, he employs a multi-pronged approach. The core pillars that support his retirement cashflow will be: (1) dividend income from his investment portfolio, (2) withdrawals from Supplementary Retirement Scheme and, (3) CPF LIFE payouts.

There is no denying that securing one’s retirement will definitely be a long-drawn process. Heartland Boy is acutely aware of that. There were times when Heartland Boy felt that he was further away from his goal than before. This often left him dejected and deflated. However, a recent encounter with a relative