As per my Big Ideas Investing Theory, many of you may not really know the company behind my Big Idea 2.

It is a company which I have held for more than 2 years and I had communicated significantly in my blog.

Since 18th Sep 2018, Big Idea 2 has announced that it is in talks to sell one of its 76% owned subsidiary. This subsidiary is the company’s main Cash Cow!

As of yesterday, the company had announced that it had confirmed the full disposal of the subsidiary with a gain of over US$69 Million!

Abstract from Announcement
Abstract from Announcement This is probably the best news I had heard for my investing journey since 2018!

Anyway, without further ado, it is time to reveal the company… the company is Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd!

With the help from the calculation method as per my previous post on the company, the indicative book