Sometimes, my friends will see an interesting job on LinkedIn and ask me if they should apply for it.

When I ask, “Why not?” They’ll say, “Because the JD asks for 5 years of experience, and I only have 3 years”, or “I think I’m not confident enough to take on a management role”, etc. Then they’ll sigh, close the window, and go back to the same old jobs that they hate.

How many of us do this? I call this The Curse of Believing In Yourself.

“Believing in yourself” is usually associated with life-coachey advice, like “You just have to believe in yourself and you can achieve anything you want!!!” This usually leads to people getting delusional and aiming for ridiculous goals that they can never achieve.

But “believing in yourself” can also mean believing that critical voice in your head saying “You’re not qualified for that job”, “That girl