Listed in 2004, Elsoft Research Bhd (Elsoft) (Bursa: 0090) is primarily involved in research, development and manufacturing of automated test equipment (ATE), burn-in systems, and application specific embedded control systems mainly for the semiconductor industry in Malaysia.

As I write, Elsoft is valued at RM 685.8 million in market capitalization. In this article, I’ll revisit its fundamentals, bring an update on its latest financial results, and assess its investment potential.

Here are 7 main things that you should know about Elsoft before you invest.

#1: Competitive Advantage

Since 2014, Elsoft has spent around 10% of its total revenues into research and development (R&D) activities to maintain competitiveness in a rapidly evolving environment. From it, Elsoft has made a key breakthrough in July 2017 when it delivered its new High Speed Tiles Tester and in August 2017 when it delivered the ATE for solar cells.

The High Speed Tiles Tester is an