It’s the 2nd year that Miss Niao can celebrate a full-year review for her portfolio again. How well did I do as an investor? Not at all fantastic, though still in line with my goals.

A Look Back on 2017

In 2017, I started my investing journey and injected my funds rather consistently, performing a buy trade with a monthly/bi-monthly frequency. I had no sell trades in 2017.

I have also experienced how a bull market is like, and the emotions I had to go through of having a loss of double digit percentage points on paper – not that it went anywhere unbearable.

I got exposed to net-nets which were stocks that had positive Net Asset Value (NAV) and saw value in a few of my holdings, namely Keong Hong and Tat Seng Packaging. As for commodity stocks, I entered the palm oil business with Indofood Agri at the