Structured Products Part 1: What are they and how it works General Finances, Investments
By Sha Osman, 10th January 2019

The term “Structured Notes” is often thrown around in financial circles, or you may have heard it while speaking with your financial advisor. What is it actually?

Without getting into the technical details, simply put, a structured product is a financial product (like a bond or stock) whereby the risk & return behaviour mimics a bond when the product is performing well and conversely, it behaves like a stock when the product is performing poorly. Structured products are commonly sold in banks in Asia, especially to service affluent and high net worth investors. In the retail or consumer banking space, it’s usually termed as “Structured Deposits.”

A structured product can be customisable in many different ways depending on the investor’s preference and risk profile. Think of it like a do-it-yourself pizza