Good morning to you all.

It’s unbelievable that January is drawing to a close. NYE feels like yesterday, but here we are entering into the second month of 2019.

Frightening, eh?

Anyway, January has been a good month for my portfolio. After the December 2018 bloodbath, I was chewing my nails a little, but deep down I knew the market would recover.

Having said that never once was I tempted to sell any counters, for I’m in this game for the long run, rain or shine.

To be sure, lots of folk must be looking back now on December 2018 and thinking:

‘Why the hell did I sell!!?? A monumental crash seemed so plausible…’

Looking back, my mind went thought the same twists and turns. It’s easy to hit the ‘sell’ button when your entire portfolio is screaming red.

And, alas, some people did. Maybe they made a profit; maybe they didn’t. That said, one things for