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My thoughts on Micron (NASDAQ:MU)
By Miss Niao's Financial Journey (and other random stuff)  •  January 29, 2019
I wanted to start 2019 with a better portfolio, and what better way to buy another great stock to add to her? It’s been quite awhile since I did an individual analysis on a stock, considering that I spent a lot of posts recently on self reflection and progress. I should do it more often though, because more often than not my readers or the comments are able to provide very good insight on my personal opinions, and this blog is pretty much the only avenue that I can reach out to similar investors. Since we’re on this topic, let me pull over at the road shoulder and have the opportunity to update you on my followers. I almost forgot that I set some goals for my alternate personality, Miss Niao, in 2018. And if I do recall correctly, it is to achieve a 100 followers on this blog right...
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By Miss Niao's Financial Journey (and other random stuff)
10 facts about me! I love point forms, they are so easy for the mind to digest. 1) I’m 27 this year. 2) I’m an Electrical Engineer! (you can trust me :p) 3) My blog’s link is Miss Niao because BF always says that I’m a penny pincher. I would prefer that I be addressed as “financially savvy” ...

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