I am talking about the recent Netflix show on Marie Kondo sparked a de-cluttering craze.

Suddenly, cleaning up your wardrobe and store room became fashionable. People start sharing pictures and videos of their tidying-up activities, and how asking if the item brought inner joy help dispose many redundant stuff.

Is your wardrobe like this after the konmari de-cluttering?

This period coincided with the traditional pre-Chinese New Year spring-cleaning season. Since many were already doing, or about to start, their spring-cleaning, might as well hop onto the bandwagon with many others perhaps.

It makes an interesting case to understand the motivation behind this sudden action, which I can draw few parallels with investing/wealth management.

Human Beings Are Social Creature

We enjoy companionship, thrive on social interaction and like to have mass fun-filled activities in group. Such behaviour is encoded in our DNA, evolved through ages which our ancestors battled against harsh