SRS Portfolio Blogging on my SRS portfolio is frankly quite boring as the portfolio don’t really change over time.

This is a screenshot from my portfolio below using the DBS internet banking log-in. You will see that the cost for Frasers Commercial Trust didn’t really change but the market value went up by quite a bit. That is because i have opted for the dividend-in-scrip. On my own spreadsheet, the cost is actually higher as i accounted for dividend income and re-investment as separate items. SRS Top-up I have also decided to give myself a big angpow of $15,300 for CNY. As such the cash is now $29,081 and i can deploy the cash into a new or existing counter. It is important to “pay yourself first”.  Frasers Commercial Trust
Frasers Commercial Trust announced a distribution of 2.4 Singapore cents. The DPU is same as prior period