January 2019 was a stark contrast from December 2018. STI regained +200 points, Hang Seng +3300 points from their October low. Dow Jones regained +3300 points, S&P 500 +350 points from their December low. FED seemed to signal a pause in interest rate hike, changing from their hawkish tone last year.

I took the opportunity of recovering market to reduce my equity holdings to 18.09% as of end January. Cash & short term bond allocation increased to 81.91%. Portfolio value increased by $16,301.72 to $706,392.26 with $4,000 from fresh contribution. Profit YTD was 1.77%, XIRR YTD was 23.08%, and XIRR since inception improved to 4.86%.

January was a dry month for dividends. I received total dividends of $278.80.

Date Securities Name FCY SGD
10-Jan-2019 Singtel 278.80 278.80

Link to Yaruzi’s low cost portfolio as of January 2018