From my parenting talk with DBS NAV, this was the question that was asked several times and I don’t think I had enough time for an elaborate answer. I thought it through and feel it would benefit more people if I explain why I did not buy maternity insurance here.

I am going to use PRUfirst gift as an example so that I can explain in details, not that I recommend Prudential over other insurance companies but because I have a close Prudential friend to clarify all the information.

First, we talk about the coverage for it:
1) The insured mother must be between 19 to 45 year own and between 18 to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Second trimester is usually the least risky part of pregnancy so it makes sense for the insurance business.

2) Only pregnancy complications are covered
Miscarriage, premature labor and birth, preeclampsia, oligohydramnios, gestational diabetes, ectopic pregnancy,