I have been spending my time working on my web application. Now that it is nearly done, I shall let the pictures do the talking. :)
Above, we have Capitaland Mall Trust’s quarterly DPU trend since listing.
Wanna interact with the chart directly instead of toggling with the dropdown menus and slider bar? Sure, you can highlight selected portions of the chart directly.
….and there you have it! Hover your mouse over the data points and the info will pop out.

How did REITs fare during the GFC?

We can answer these questions as well.

For example, AIMS AMP Cap REIT NAV per unit cratered during the GFC.

What other metrics do I have? Plenty!

Above, we have Mapletree Logistics Trust’s Percentage of Fixed Rate Debt trend. *Hint* Take a look at the dropdown menu.

In the mean time, I’ll be polishing my app further. Enreitch (pronounced “enrich”) will be arriving shortly to enrich your REIT