How time flies. It’s already end of March! I recently brought my family to Japan, here are some of the highlights of the trip. 

This is the view of Hakone from the top of the mountain range. 
Sometimes, traveling is like your life. I missed a turn, lost my way and managed to get a nice view of Mount Fuji. Strawberry is in season right now. It’s my first time picking it directly and “eat all your can” within 30 mins. Sweet 👍🏻

Onsen hoping
We went hot spring hoping and this is one of the oldest onsen town near Tokyo. 

Green tea plantation with Mt. Fuji as background is quite a sight. 

Did a lot of hiking and back to nature stuff around the “sacred” UNESCO mountain. It is not so easy to see it as you can tell from the picture below. 

In any case, when