Left to right: Rachel Lim, Bryan Tan, Kenny Chia, Yee Jin Koi

Download the PDF report below:

Japfa Prinsep Capital PDF Download Link


My team consisting of SMU undergraduates Bryan Tan Jun Han, Jin Koi Yee, and Rachel Lim was fortunate to be placed in the top 8 of the NUS-SGX Stock Pitch Challenge 2019 (out of 117 participating teams) which concluded on 27 March 2019. The stock that we pitched was on Japfa(UD2.SI). We had a DCF and SOTP-backed target price of S$0.93 which represented a 43% upside. We felt that it would be a waste if no one else (besides the 4 judges) reads our report which we spent tremendous amounts of time and effort into. Hence, we would like to share our findings on the company as well as our investment theses with the community. We hope you enjoy reading