2016 and 2017 were good years for local bourse as STI was recovering from a severe drop of 3,500 plus to mid-2,500 triggered by the China stock market crash.

Attracted by the smooth-sailing 2016 and 2017, many young retail investors started their investing journey during that period.

But as the old saying goes, market will be good until the tide turns, and expect the unexpected. 2018 presented a rude shock to this group of investors. They were  fully immersed in the market drop, offered a front row seat in witnessing the horrific price drop first hand.

As I talked to, and advised, many of them, would like to share the common mistakes and learning points here, to help you be a better investor. These are  valuable lessons gathered from first-hand account. So if you belong to the group who started in 2016/2017, this article is for you.

Lacking Sound Understanding