Good news is XIRR Year to date has hit 10% for my portfolio. Bad news is my max theoretical dividend based on existing portfolio holding has just go below $47K due to profit taking so I am thinking should I address it. Reason being some of those I sold has received dividends prior so I could still achieve $50K dividend this year.

Singapore market has been good based on STI Index with just 4 months. I have no special plan for Sell-in-May scenario. If it does happen, I have fund available which will be great. Here’s my recent trades.

Ascendas Reit

Took profits on some of Ascendas Reit. This is the 2nd time I did it. So my size is again smaller today. Still hold sizable amount so I will benefit from it if it continues to rise further. The “kiasi” in me want to play safe. So my next problem is